Self-Compassion and Childhood Trauma Recovery

  • Self-kindness vs. self-judgment
  • Mindfulness vs. over-identification with your thoughts
  • Common humanity vs. isolating yourself
  1. Write a letter to yourself describing a situation where you felt pain, like losing a job or a relationship. In the letter, describe the situation without blaming anyone, including yourself, and acknowledge how you feel.
  2. Comfort yourself by eating healthy food, then lie down and rest. Massage your feet and neck or take a walk, do anything that will improve how you feel in your body. Doing so is giving yourself a healthy dose of self-compassion.
  3. Encourage yourself when something painful happens and think about what you would say to a good friend going through the same thing. Direct those compassionate responses to yourself.
  4. Practice mindfulness by observing yourself nonjudgmentally and examining your thoughts and feelings without denying them.



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