The current series, because it is November, has focused on gratitude. We have explored together topics such as toxic positivity and its effect on survivors of complex trauma. We have discovered that gratitude, when experienced without guilt or shame, is healthy and can aid in the healing process.

This article…

Have you ever believed the worst about a situation that may or may not have happened? For instance, you call home from work, and your partner doesn’t answer. Immediately, you believe that there has been a horrible accident, and you just don’t know about it yet.

That is called catastrophic…

Children growing up in alcoholic or other dysfunctional homes struggle to find their identity in adulthood. They have most likely formed complex post-traumatic stress disorder (CPTSD) and live with an inner turmoil that matches the instability they are experiencing from parents who are occupied with their own problems.

This article…

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